Get out of my skin

its that feeling when you want nothing more than to get out of your skin. The compression of your inside is just too much.  Obviously nothing has actually changed except for something in your brain that no longer believes you need skin to contain your nerves, blood, or anything else that is protected by that skin. The more antsy you get the more frustrated you get the harder it is to breath. Now all the sudden it’s like you are an asthmatic or allergic to yourself. Normal respiration are a struggle. Throat swelling shut. Breathing is labored… The panic sets in as the deep breathing doesn’t fix it.  It’s a mental game that drains you of every thing you have.  


Tight ropeĀ 

if you are looking good a great writer or organized writing. This is not it. šŸ˜‰ 

I battle daily with mental labels. The biggest struggle is anxiety for me, it is very exhausting. The mental energy To remind yourself you are ok, you can breath, the heart palpitations and crazy pulse rates are not real. When you finally gotten your mind to understand you are ok your body is exhausted. 

Then the mental abuse comes of why do I do this. Why can’t I stop this. I am an intelligent woman, I am smarter than this. 

Then the balancing act begins. The line between anxiety and depression is very fine. The medications to treat one often can be used for the other but usually don’t make you feel good and send you over the edge on the other side of the equation.